"It always seems impossible until it's done"
Nelson Mandela

How it works

The Space Transformer can do the magic!
I will work with you, step by step to transform your messy space/closet to be tidy, clean and attractive space.
Believe it or not that can change your life!

This is how I work.

*Step 1: First we will meet for an estimate meeting. We will go through all the desired spaces for cleaning/tidying up.

Please don't clean/tidy them up, leave them as they are!

*Step 2: I will take some photos and I will send you an estimate quote in the next 48 hours.

*Step 3: Once the quote is accepted by you, we will schedule a start date.

*Step 4: This is the first step of cleaning up. We will do it together. we will sort your belonging to 3 piles, Keep/Donate/Have to go!
for that step, you should clear your calendar and be available to work with me as much as needed.

*Step 5: Putting everything in it's place. For that step we don’t have to work alongside unless you want to be part of knowing where/how I organize it.

*Step 6: After the space is clean and tidy we can move on to look for a new solution of storage or any other storage solutions if needed.

I can do the shopping as well.

*Step 7: Maintenance! I offer maintenance service for my clients to keep our hard work in good shape.

*Step 8: ENJOY your tidy and organized space!

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